Interested in joining the KJ Team? Here’s just a few things about us.

Team. We are a team based pay company. We don’t rent stations and we don’t pay commission. We pay a guaranteed hourly rate with the opportunity of a monthly bonus based on goals we reach as a team. We practice team service, we share guests, and work as a team to deliver the best experience. We believe we are better as a unit. We support and help each other during the day with our guests as well as away from the salon.

Team. You will have the support of the entire team every minute, hour, and day you work in our company. We conduct monthly one on one business coaching, weekly and monthly education, performance reviews, and yearly reviews so that you will always know how to be the best you can be. You also will have mentors and advisers to help you grow both personally and professionally.

Still interested?

We offer team bonuses, access to the best continuing education, mentorship, apprenticeships, and paid vacation time.

Please email with all inquires.