Kellyn Jones founded K + M Hair Education in order to give back to the hairdressing community. Kellyn, along with Maxwell Maisano, provide salon relevant education with a signature relaxed, salon-reality and non judgmental teaching environment.

A hairdresser for 13+ years, Kellyn’s infectious personality helps to create a fun and ego-free learning environment. Known for her signature hair painting and wearable vivids technique, Kellyn can teach you how to create unicorns on the regular.

Maxwell has been an educator for over half of his 22 year career working for several major manufacturers. He brings a level of salon reality to the educational experience— stripping away all of the marketing smoke and mirrors, getting down to basics and keeping things simple.

Stylist Connection

Topic for the next Stylist Connection class on 6/3 is

Color Theory and Why pH Matters

Demo portion is testing your own products pH levels to see what you are really working with – bring your favorite shampoos and styling products

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